Top 6 Protecting Boxing Gear Which You Need During Match

There are different types of boxing gear required for a match. Here’s a rundown.

  • Wrist Wraps –  The cloth wraps go around the hand. They act as a protector for them to avoid injury to delicate fingers and knuckles. The way they provide support is to minimize impact damage further beyond what a pair of padded boxing gloves already does, but also ensure the bones stay in their correct position and joints can never move out of place.

Using wraps, a boxer can hit hard without feeling as much pain on the hands. This avoids them swelling up inside the glove from repeated hitting during a match.

  • Mouth Guard Protector – The mouth guard protector is designed to protect the teeth and gums from impact from punches. Blows which have considerable force could cause teeth to get dislodged and become a choking hazard. By wearing a guard, it allows for support of the internal jaw structure during a match. It’s also a little less likely that a hard blow could cause a knockout because the jaw is aided in retaining its position rather than being broken.
  • Footwear – The boxing footwear is different to other types. They’re lighter and let a boxer move around in a nimble manner in the ring. The shoes have soles which are intentionally soft. This enables them to move smoothly and fast across the canvas, but do not have thick lugs that could impact the other boxer’s feet if they accidentally step on them during a fight.

The lighter shoes are also important in later rounds when each boxer has run the equivalent of several miles inside the ring. At that point, their feet and legs are growing weary. Having to lift up shoes that are less heavy makes it easier to still move well to sidestep punches rather than be held in place.

  • Boxing Gloves – The boxing gloves are the key piece of equipment needed to win a match. They are heavily padded on the interior to prevent hand damage. While this lessens the impact both on the fighter’s hands and on the body of their opponent, it avoids a fight turning into a bloody mess. Indeed, some boxers have removed some of the padding inside their gloves which broke the boxing rules and inflicted a dangerous amount of damage on their opponent. This resulted in their permanent banning from the sport as a result.

Gloves weigh different amounts depending on the extent of the padding and different weight and size gloves available at Gloves for matches aren’t the same as for training. They have greater padding and weight because the idea is that both fighters are putting their full effort into hitting hard and greater protection is required.

  • Protective Cup – The protective cup protects the man’s genitalia from accidental impact with a low blow or an errant knee. This is worn along with a jock strap to keep the cup in the correct position.
  • Boxing Shorts – Boxing shorts are more decorative than matter too much. They have fanciful designs and usually identify the boxer with their surname at the same time.
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