About Us

Created by a serial inventor and enthusiastic tennis player. A keen tennis player Mark was frustrated at the constant interruption to play caused by stray balls, especially when practicing or drilling with dozens of balls on court. His goal was to improve the overall on-court experience by enabling him to focus on the ball in play – as opposed to the ball underfoot.

As an inventor, Mark put his engineering skills to work and the result is the Ball Magnet – one of the first true innovations to tennis court equipment since the invention of the ball machine.

IHS Enterprises is very excited and honored to share Mark’s vision to the tennis community!

The Ball Magnet was introduced at the 2013 USPTA World Conference in Orlando FL and was a big hit with coaches; clubs owners etc. This is the invention all players and coaches have been waiting for!

The Ball Magnet was recently awarded provider for all Authorized Cardio Tennis by the TIA (Tennis Industry Association) “It works incredibly well for Cardio Tennis workouts where safety is especially important”
…Brian O’Donnel – TIA


The vision for the Ball Hubs was born when a “light bulb” moment took place with a former college tennis player. It was the realization that there must be a better solution for tennis facilities that did not have a fence in between each of their courts. These facilities had nothing at all positioned between their courts that keep tennis balls from rolling and bouncing onto adjacent courts. He saw and experienced the frustration caused by tennis balls wandering onto adjacent courts, interrupting the play and resulting in a “let” being called for those points.

Surely there had to be something between having fence or having nothing at all. There must be a better way, he thought.

Over time, the right solution began to take shape. Several prototypes iterations were created, with extensive testing to determine optimal weight, size and materials. Once the recipe seemed just about right, an industrial engineer was brought into the fold for the home stretch. The innovative, free standing tennis court dividers were developed and presented to the market and the Ball Hubs was born!

The uniqueness of the Ball Hubs is quickly grabbing the attention of tennis players, coaches and spectators. Comments such as “Wow….where did these come from? and “I’m surprised someone hasn’t thought of this before now” are being heard throughout the tennis community.


Does these sound familiar:
“Sorry, can I have that ball”; ” What ball are you guys playing with”;
“Let!” …no way the point was over!”; “Watch out! ball at your feet!”

With these two new groundbreaking inventions, tennis is about to change in the US!

Show your players/members you care about their safety on court and want to make their drills; lessons and match play much more enjoyable!


Ivor Savage